Content Style Guide v1.0

A draft content style guide to help teams meet the needs of all users, regardless of their ability.

What is this guide?

This guide is designed to help people working in the Australian Government create simpler, clearer and faster information. This is an early release that will evolve over time based on feedback and suggestions from the government community.

What is this draft?

This is a draft of a new guide designed to help Australian Government teams create simpler, clearer and faster information. It captures the latest thinking in online content with a strong focus on accessibility.

Please join our Content Design in Government Google Group to give feedback.

Who is it for?

This guide is for all content creators and transformation teams working with the Digital Transformation Office.

We welcome this guide being adopted across government and hope that it is a starting point for new conversations and ways to work together.

Why is this guide being released as a draft?

We believe that making things open makes them better. It’s one of the Digital Transformation Office design principles. We plan to test this draft version of the guide, incorporate feedback and iterate regularly.

We are also iterating the platform code to support this and future work.

The Digital Service Standard requires teams to build services using a style guide for online content. This is the first release of guidance that will eventually become the style guide for digital content.

This and other GOV.AU Guides will support the Digital Service Standard.

How was this guide put together?

We asked our peers across government what they wanted in this guide. There were common themes: keep it up-to-date, make it easy to understand and give us examples. We were also guided by many expert sources. Read the blog on how we put together the Content Style Guide.